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At 21 years old, I joined the world of business management becoming a shareholder. marketing director and sales rep for my family business Cranky Goat.  

Developing a strong marketing and brand strategy for the business through every stage of growth and development I was able to gain an abundance of experience from business planning, development, growth planning, marketing planning, buyer behaviours, business collaborations, understanding market spaces and market opportunities, events such as workshops, tasting sessions, food shows and festivals plus so much more! 

In 2020 I stepped in the events industry with an incredible amount of passion and understanding on what works, what doesn't and what people want. Over the past couple of years, I have coordinated some of Marlborough's well-known events. 



February    Launched South Island Cheese Festival at Clos Henri - Over 1000 people attended. 

Feb/Mar    Coordinated Feast Marlborough Summer Feast - 52 local events delivered!

May            Coordinated Bayleys Friday Night Feast - Over 4000 people attended. 

August       Coordinated Marlborough 4 Fun Southern Jam Jazz Festival - 16 schools performing and competing.

December Coordinated Marlborough 4 Fun Santa On Tour - Santa visited 90% of Blenheim to spread cheer. 


February   South Island Cheese Fest was postponed 13 days out from going ahead. Postponed to October.

May            Bayleys Friday Night Feast was due to go ahead, postponed to October due to covid. 

July            Coordinated Marlborough Book Festival - Over 25 sessions over 4 days.. 

July             Placed 3rd in the Marlborough Techstars weekend with my team of 5 with our business idea - WHYgame 

October     Coordinated the Ultimate Foodie weekend - Bayleys Friday Night Feast & South Island Cheese Fest on the same                             weekend. 

November  Marlborough Food Hui - Connecting the food sector alongside Marlborough District Council & Eat New Zealand 


June           Graeme Dingle Foundation Future of Work - 1700 students, 50 businesses, 32 industries attended.

July             Placed 1st in the Marlborough TechStars Weekend with my team of 3 with our business idea ScoreSync.

October     Coordinated the Ultimate Foodie weekend - Bayleys Friday Night Feast 3000+ visitors & New Zealand Cheese Fest                         on the same weekend. 

November  Finalist for Young Business Person of The Year at the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 

November  Relaunched the Santa On Tour event under HL Marketing & Events due to Marlborough 4 Fun closing. 

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