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Giving back to the community is incredibly important to me so for 2023 I am donating my time to coordinate and launch the Men @ Work Santa on Tour where Santa will be touring the streets of Blenheim and Renwick spreading Christmas cheer. Each night a different local charity will be hosting a pop-up event for Santa to come and visit before hitting the streets. Follow @SantaOnTour on facebook to keep updated with Charity events, street lists and important updates.

None of this event could be possible without our sponsors.

Men @ Work Traffic Management, Blenheim Volunteer Fire Brigade. Renwick Volunteer Fire Brigade and Chris Lippiatt (Santa) who have all donated their time, vehicles and community spirit to make sure this event is a success. \


  • Keeping children safe is important to us!

  • Please ensure that your children remain on the paths away from the road. 

  • Due to time restrictions and roads remaining open we cannot stop to collect donations or gifts. Gifts and donations can be delivered the pop-up events each night or during the day (email Hannah for info) 

  • Santa will be visiting a large amount of Blenheim and Renwick but with two fire trucks and his safety truck we cannot visit every road. Keep an eye out for street lists on facebook to see. Street corners will be your best opportunity to see him if you cannot attend the pop-up events. 

  • We are working on a live tracker so you can see where Santa is located each night. 

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